Monday, January 21, 2013

looking back.

I just re-discovered my LiveJournal with the last post of 2007.  I can’t believe it’s still there, untouched and just like I left it 5 years ago.   I remembered my password which surprises me since I can’t seem to remember anything without writing it down (oh old age, gotta love it)!  It’s so amazing to look back on a whole other life that is entirely different than the one I live now, almost like a stranger peering into someone else’s life.  I’m so thankful I documented it though and got a kick out of looking at the old pictures and stories I shared.  My oldest was 4 and my youngest had just turned 2 when I stopped and now they are 10 and 7.
One of the stories I shared was when my oldest introduced his brother to a new friend at the park:  “This is my friend, brother.”
Another was buying him his Halloween costume and him only wanting to be referred to as “Yaya T-Rex” (he couldn’t say his name, Isaiah).   Then for the next 23 nights he thought it was Halloween!
I thanked Hyland Teething Tablets for being a godsend for Jaden’s teething and how I was thankful for when he started only waking up 1x during the night.
I also documented Jaden’s first hair cut and that Isaiah referred to his curls, “Jaden has girl hair!”  I remember his hair cut, all his curls gone and how he know looked like a big boy.
Also, Isaiah liked to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle little star like a donut in the sky” just to crack himself up.  Isaiah and I singing “He’s got the whole world in his hands”and other bible songs while Jaden danced and bobbed his head like a rockstar.
So tonight as Isaiah and I are reading the old posts, he looks at me and says:  ”Thanks Mom, for writing all this stuff!”  Makes me realize that I really do want to blog more like I had, documenting all the times we share and important stories to look back on.  :-)


  1. Hello there! I got the link updated. Blogspot is where it's at. I'm glad you were able to look through. I'm sure Isaiah LOVED looking back on a piece of his childhood. & remember you will always deserve more than "Taco Bell" ;) Love you.

  2. Yay! Yes, I already love it way more than the other site. LOL Isaiah did love it, it was great! Yes, more than taco bell, but it's still the little things that matter the most! <3