Thursday, January 24, 2013


A local yoga collective wrote a grant to be able to come and teach my place of employment several poses before our meeting each week.  I've never tried yoga and at first I felt self conscious, but the experience has always been overwhelmingly peaceful.  As a new member at a local gym, I was beyond excited to see they taught yoga and made a commitment to go and try.  Today was my first morning, I arrived early and placed my mat at the back of the room.  I was nervous, yet excited and curious if I could hang for the entire hour without quietly finding the exit.  ;-)

It was an amazing experience and to put it mildly, I'm addicted!  I have to admit that during the deep breathing and meditation, it was hard for me to not concentrate on  where my legs, arms, etc should be, but I know that will come with practice.  I am very excited for this journey as I focus on more self-care for myself.

It is easy when you are a mom to neglect your needs because you are used to doing everything for everyone else.  It is nice to stop, let go and just be... just be Tara for a moment, not mom, not employee, sister, daughter or the many other roles, but to be aware of your own person.  Yoga has definitely given me that and I cannot wait for my next class!

Great articles and information about yoga can be found here Yoga Journal

Monday, January 21, 2013

looking back.

I just re-discovered my LiveJournal with the last post of 2007.  I can’t believe it’s still there, untouched and just like I left it 5 years ago.   I remembered my password which surprises me since I can’t seem to remember anything without writing it down (oh old age, gotta love it)!  It’s so amazing to look back on a whole other life that is entirely different than the one I live now, almost like a stranger peering into someone else’s life.  I’m so thankful I documented it though and got a kick out of looking at the old pictures and stories I shared.  My oldest was 4 and my youngest had just turned 2 when I stopped and now they are 10 and 7.
One of the stories I shared was when my oldest introduced his brother to a new friend at the park:  “This is my friend, brother.”
Another was buying him his Halloween costume and him only wanting to be referred to as “Yaya T-Rex” (he couldn’t say his name, Isaiah).   Then for the next 23 nights he thought it was Halloween!
I thanked Hyland Teething Tablets for being a godsend for Jaden’s teething and how I was thankful for when he started only waking up 1x during the night.
I also documented Jaden’s first hair cut and that Isaiah referred to his curls, “Jaden has girl hair!”  I remember his hair cut, all his curls gone and how he know looked like a big boy.
Also, Isaiah liked to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle little star like a donut in the sky” just to crack himself up.  Isaiah and I singing “He’s got the whole world in his hands”and other bible songs while Jaden danced and bobbed his head like a rockstar.
So tonight as Isaiah and I are reading the old posts, he looks at me and says:  ”Thanks Mom, for writing all this stuff!”  Makes me realize that I really do want to blog more like I had, documenting all the times we share and important stories to look back on.  :-)