Friday, February 15, 2013


I downloaded the Gratitude! app for my iPhone and I have to admit it's the first app I have ever paid for (I splurged for .99 cents ha)!  I would see others post their lists of what they were grateful for and I thought this would be a great idea for myself.  So many days I find it is easy to keep track of what didn't go right, what I would have changed, things that just plain ol' sucked.  I thought it would be a great idea to keep track of things that went right, blessings in disguise or just things that I am so grateful for in my life.  

I love reflecting on the end of the day and listing them using the Gratitude! app.   I am also a believer that the energy we put into this life is the energy that comes back to our life.  My grandma always said "this too shall pass" and she was always so calm when things could easily get overwhelming.  She had 8 children and her husband, my grandfather, was in the air force which meant moving a lot and raising children on her own.  I know some days are so overwhelming that all I want to do is eat a tub of ice cream in bed while bawling my eyes out at some sappy love story.  I know that if I stay in my feelings too long, it will be harder to pry myself out of my bed, however, and I would rather reflect on my blessings and keep pushing forward!

My goal:   write about what I am grateful every day.  What are you grateful for?

This was not a sponsored post, I genuinely love this app!